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What is BOFT?

Boft is an international manufacturer and distributor of photo printing kiosks
Boft kiosks print photos from social networks and smartphones, in Polaroid or full-size format.
mln photos
It's quick and easy - just connect your phone via wi-fi or bluetooth to the kiosk and get your photos within moments!

What are Boft rental benefits?

Bring creative & fun activity to your party
Increase store sales by interacting with your customers
Be in the foreground at business forum or exhibition
Heat up your festival
Make the product launch a huge hit
Get positive social feedback on-the-fly

Customize it!

Photo branding
— Corporate/event logo
— Custom message
— Event hashtag
Kiosk branding
— Corporate event/logo on the sides
— Event hashtag under the screen
— Instructions under the photo tray

Kiosk technical info:

  • 1Kiosk dimensions: 60х65х200 cm Takes up less than 1 sq.m
    Power: 200W
  • 2Reliable body hand-crafted from wood, available in multiple colors
  • 3Display: 32'' touch
  • 4High quality printing from:
    • Instagram
    • Phone memory via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
    • event hashtag
    • built-in selfie camera
  • 5Edit functions available: crop photo, add date, comments, location
  • 6Built-in gallery of postcards

Our best prices!

1 day
6000 HKD
2 days
10000 HKD
3 days
12000 HKD
— Delivery
— Unlimited photos
— Custom photo and kiosk branding
— Easy manual
— Online tech support
Rent now
1 week
15000 HKD
2 weeks
20000 HKD
3 weeks
25000 HKD
— Delivery
— 2 sets of consumables (2800 photos)
— Custom photo and kiosk branding
— Easy manual
— Online tech support
Rent now
1 month
25000 HKD
2 months
80000 HKD
12 months
150000 HKD
— Delivery
— Easy manual
— Online tech support
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